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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Buttrick Road Pasture finished

Last update on this one. I made the road into a small walking path and changed the diagonal to make it not the center of attention. Making up grass for the new side was interesting..... I changed a few minor things with the far trees and added some pinks and blues into the bark and throughout to make it all appear in harmony. Oh I also cropped a bit off the left side to push the main center of interest, the large trunk over to allow for a nicer flow. Thanks for the help from WetCanvas on composition...much better.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Buttrick Road Pasture 3

Here is the 3rd phase, highlights were added the sky was lightend at the horizon line and more skylights were added into the trees. The left side was cropped a bit to further move the focal tree from being to close to the center. Now I'm considering changing or removing the diagonal road in the front, I will have to think on that. Plant a new field or maybe change the road into a path in a different direction.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Buttrick Road Pasture 2

I'm coming along with the painting, trying to get the darks layed down, before the lighter overlays. The road is still at the very basic one layer of pastel stage at this point. I'm thinking the lower sky needs to be a bit lighter.
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Buttrick Road Pasture WIP

I haven't painted in the last week or so with my kids all coming down with different maladies. So here I am back to the dust!
This week is a photo I took in my home town, its a small pasture for cows close to the center of town in the early morning.
On watercolor paper with clear colorfix primer on it. This is a quick underpainting with watercolors to lay down the basics.

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