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Thursday, August 10, 2017


 A new painting in honor of all the rabbits we have here on the farm.  You will, I'm sure will notice that my paintings have started to lean towards farm animals.  It's so easy to snap a photo of the ready and willing in the backyard. 

This little painting is 6" x 8" on a terracotta primed piece of watercolor paper.  A quick study that pulled together in a pleasing way.  It was sold at our little community gallery here in WV.

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lil' Rabbit
Pastel 6" x 8"
Elizabeth Priesing

I'm back I've been gone so long.

I'm Back!

    Well with the new move to our newly built house (now several years ago), I have completely forgotten to blog here.  I could have some completely complex excuse, but its very simple.  Laziness.

     While I was not blogging I was however involved in my artists projects that ran the gauntlet of watercolor, pen and ink to pastels, then on to something I'm calling Felted Paintings.  If you are interested in joining a group I started on Facebook its called.   Needled Felted Paintings Group. 

     I felt with alpaca fiber from the farm down my dirt road.  I started with some 3D figures but got bored, and naturally progressed  to trying to make paintings with the fiber.  All with the help of special needle felling barbed needles. 

    I will start posting some paintings in the coming weeks, both pastel and a few needle felted.
As always thank you for reading.