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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back Yard Plein Aire

My last attempt was while sitting on my pool deck. I was so slow that the sun had changed position sooner than i had hoped. My kitty wandered in while i was fiddling at the left tree and I managed to get him sketched in enough to look like a cat. My first moving object. :) Oh these are 11x14's.
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Shaker Village in New Hampsire

My 3rd attempt at Plein aire. This was at the Shaker Village in NH. I painted along side a guy from the NH Plein Aire society that I joined this summer. This was my outing and only Dan showed it was a gentle introduction into painting outside with others. He painted on very small pieces of black canson and made very nice little pastel paintings that reminded my of wood block printings. I was happy with this but I think the bushes in the back could have been toned down more.
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The Lake plein aire

This is my 2nd attempt at painting plein aire....(in real life). It was a really hot hot day and I was sitting in the back of my pickup truck looking across the lake. Water dripping down my back...YUK! A nice gentleman sat next to me and was very nice....people watching me paint, make me very nervous....plein aire even more so as I'm figuring it out. Wow its pretty hard to cut out soo much information when your painting right out in it. I did manage to get the far side of the lake move back into space so that was a beginning. Had to leave before i could really get going.
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stella dora daylillies plein aire

I'm back! I have been busy this summer with camping and the kids. I got a plein aire setup a versa easy-L. I have been worried about starting out with plein my first step was this little 5x7 from my garden. My kids saw me all set up in the sun and had to laugh as i had a beach umbrella and a floppy sunhat on...trying to look all artisty in front of my new setup. :)
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