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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beautiful Bloosom

Ahhh Im finally back and painting again. This is Bloosom one of our egg layers, she has a twin Daisy they always seem to get into trouble. Thier eggs are a pale peachy/tan and are Xlarge. Fat, they are fat chickens! Guess they need to be to lay such big eggs.
This is 13.5x10.5" on watercolor paper covered with clear colorfix primer. The underpainting was an old watercolor of a rooster I did many years ago that was pretty messed up in proportion sizes. I think next I will address the ground a bit more and add to the background some sky blues. She needs some highlights on feathers here and there and on her eye.
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  1. Dear Betsy,

    i ACTUALLY fallen in love with your blog and really like the way you get things colored... though i was wondering why u left some of your portraits unfinished... i really loved the portrait "the man of the cloth"... i'm a learner in the field of art and do little bit of sketching.. u can visit my sketches on my blog.. i'll be really happy to know your view on them... by the way thanks a lot for making my day.. ;)

  2. Gauray
    thanks for stopping in and looking around! :)
    I do usually like to paint pretty colorfully. Some of the paintings you saw in the portrait slide show are quick sketches that were just to get the basics or some of them are left sort of unfinished by choice... I find that sometimes it becomes more interesting to leave bits undone to let your eye and mind wander. Or because I want the central point of focus to be the finished parts leaving the rest to blur out.
    thanks again :) I see that you are having a good time sketching and i enjoyed looking in your blog. Thats the best thing you can do, is sketch as much as possible.