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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Cottage

12x9 Pastel on black, bumpy Canson

     Another painting this week, I'm plugging right along. I seem to be attracted to high key paintings lately and using black as the support that only makes them...louder. :) I had fun with it though.

     This is another Priesing painting from West Virgina. My brother-in-laws cabin, it faces a small river that floods at bit, so its back from it a bit. Yep that's the outdoor shower..the only shower and they conveniently left gaps in the boards. Hee he, To give us all a thrill I'm told. A few artistic changes from real life. The tree swing would have been off to the left and not seen, and another smaller tree would be right in the middle of the cottage blocking it.
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  1. Well, I happen to like LOUD altho I hate canson paper. Enjoyed looking through your work and will revisit again. I like liberties with landscapes...that makes them as personality filled as a portrait!