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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pond At Macks Apples Plein Air

pastel 11x14
Plein Aire
Painted with the Plein Aire Society Of New Hampshire today. They were actually in Londonderry where I live and had several different spots around town. This one is across from Macks Apple stand, a small pond with apple trees in the background. I painted this with a different approach than I usually do, its a broken color tech., where you keep applying color crossing each other to allow it to mix visually with your eyes. I am finding it hard to get my colors as bright as I would in the studio, another lesson to be learned.

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  1. Hi Betsy,
    I'm so glad you are painting and posting again!
    I like the dreamy quality of this painting. Will you explore this technique further?

  2. Hi Adriana thank you for looking in. Yes I have been missing in action for awhile. My MS got the best of me, along with everything else. Its good to be painting again.
    I am finding this interesting and got a few artists names that use this technique. Hoping to find so tips. I have always been drawn to paintings with this type of strokes.