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Monday, February 8, 2010

2 Cows Grazing in Field

12X16" on mat board coated with colorfix primer

A new painting this week. I needed to do some more landscapes and wanted to give the cross-hatching a break. I started off with nupastel for the under painting and began to ruff in the mountains and sky first. I hated the mountain color and decided that the house and barn were much too large for its placement. I like the cows though :)

I decided to wash it off thanks to the colorfix primer. You have to really look, but I changed the house barn to an intirely new one with the side facing into the sun...and smaller. Not much else besides ruffing in the irrigation stream.

I then changed the mountain to a purple pink and got bored with the regular type of strokes with the side of the pastel. So I started cross-hatching again. The house looks much better and shows more atmosphere now.

Added more green to the front trying to get warms in front and cools in the back. I added more greens to the tree line toning it down somewhat.

This last one had more darks added to it to increase the value range in the painting. Larger strokes in the forefront, smaller as it goes back. I lightly suggested a path going opposite direction of the water/weeds hoping to create a zigzag effect.

I'm going to sit on this for a bit and decide if I need to add something else.

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  1. Wow Betsy, This is a real break from cross hatching! LOL -I get the feeling that style is already ingrained in you!
    This is a beautiful and peaceful scene! It makes me want to tackle a scene I have with horses in the middleground.

  2. Thanks Adriana!...yeah I stayed away really long.... Ok I'm going to try, not to do it on the one I have going right now!