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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two more paintings


      Another two from this weekend. I didn't have enough time to take photos and post as my mom, dad and aunt came up for a visit.
This one is of Connor, Cassies brother.  It was suppose to be an hour, but ended up double that because I was having so much trouble with his face.  It was too flat looking, and I was having trouble with the shadowing and having stripes at the same time.
Canson smooth side 9x12 pastel

Vermont Field
 9x12 Canson smooth side pastel
 This is from a hiking trip this past summer in Vermont.  I drove Russ my husband and daughter crazy because I kept stopping to take photos.  Its suppose to have Queen Annes Lace flowers in the forground that I didn't get time to in for the  1 hour sketch limit.  I can't decide if I should continue or not.


  1. Betsy, this is a very beautiful field!
    I suspect probably why you put it together with the cat, because this field - fluffy! Very, very fluffy! So magic! :-)