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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stormy Dunes

Stormy Dunes 9x12" Pastel on colorfix paper

     This is painting done off the small sketch study that I did recently. The sky was given some colors and the bushes turned into grass clumps. I enjoyed painting this one and spent some time trying to get the shallow water/beach edge to read right. Footprints were added for some interest up close.

     After painting this one I think that I will paint another in a larger format, perhaps I will be daring and go for 16x20".

Thanks for looking as always.
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  1. I adore the colours you used, they are so realistic...
    I can´t wait to see the larger one!

  2. Betsy, Magnetic work!
    I still can not get away!
    These colors and mood!.. Superb!
    I have not words only emotions!