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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Flowers in motion

16x12" Pastel on Colorfix paper

    I have finally finished this painting that I started last week. Similar to the last few that I have posted. This one has a different look to it as the support paper is a rough bumpy watercolor paper that was primed with colorfix pastel primer. I had to do a few underpaintings. One with watercolor, and then another with a harder pastel and sprayed with alcohol and left to dry. The bumps made it so I had to underpaint, as the dry pastel would skim over the tops of the bumps and leave a larger amount of background paper than I wished to show.

This one has a darker feel to it, because of the amount of greens in it and less sky.
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  1. Oh Betsy, this would be one of the paintings I would hang on my walls, so fresh, wild and beautiful. I like it so much.
    By the way, my daughter looks at your pets slide show and makes funny sounds, she recognizes every single animal!!!

  2. Betsy, I admire your works!
    I feel like the wind shook the stalks! How the wind noise in my ears! This is a wonderful picture. Very energetic, charged warmth and I really love this pink-scarlet color in flowers!

  3. Flowers in motion is a perfect name for a very beautiful painting. Love your work. Looking forward to your next painting.